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SKU Manufacturer Model Meter Accessories Request
24066 XEROX WCP C3545 816534 df, print/nic/scan/fin, 246k colour good condition!
30346 RICOH MPC3000 PARTS 323689 df, 4 cass, print/nic/scan/fax
31214 XEROX WCP C3545 911607 df, 4 cass, print/scan, YFN-1 fin, excellent condition & copies!
32926 CANON LC810 Meter Unknown Very good conditon. print, USB only!
33033 TOSHIBA ES3530C 376296 df, 3 cass, print/scan, bridge good condition & copies 32k colour, 344k blk
33999 MITA 300CI 272003 3 cass, print/scan, broken display panel, PFU has broken alignment pins
34590 MITA KM4530 692125 Has print/nic/scan
36154 RICOH SPC221N Meter Unknown Networked. No copy. Has alerts.
36155 RICOH SPC221N Meter Unknown Networked. No copy. Has alerts.
36335 TOSHIBA ES3530C 526406 df, 2 cass, print/scan, 29k colour, 497k blk, good condition, excellent copies!
37615 CANON IR1600 28691 df, print, good condition & copies!
37616 CANON IR1600 34799 df, 2 cass, print, good condition & copies!
37617 CANON IR2000 162368 df, 2 cass, good condition & copies!
38348 RICOH MP2550B PARTS 29422 df, 2 cass, no copy, poor condition.
38520 TOSHIBA ES242 35613 mr2020 df, 1 cass, print/scan, GJ-1160, GA-1201, GA-1191 scan upgrade
38940 RICOH MP2550SP PARTS 182195 df, 2 cass, print/scan, good copies, poor condition.
38941 RICOH MPC2500 PARTS 350907 df, 2 cass, print/nic/scan/fax, keeps popping breaker, power plug punched in,
38951 CANON IR2000 Meter Unknown df, 2 cass, good condition and copies.
38953 CANON IR2010 48028 df, 2 cass, print/nic/fax, good copies and condition.

On average Bre-Mar houses upwards of 5,000 units between our Milton, ON. and Delta, BC locations.  We carry Tier 1 units, all makes and brands.

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