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SKU Manufacturer Model Meter Accessories Request
105983 XEROX 7435* Meter Unknown df, 4 cass, print/scan, no copy, fair condition
107397 MITA TA300I* Meter Unknown df, 4 cass, print/scan/fax, no copy, fair condtion
108661 RICOH 240W* 34832 2 cass, 2 roll, print/scan, poor copies, fair condition
112564 MITA 300I* 56430 df, 4 cass, print/scan, good copies, fair condition,
125646 CANON IR2535* 651683 df, 2 cass, print/scan/fax, fair copies, poor condition
128873 RICOH SR5000 FINISHER Meter Unknown Finisher w 3 hole punch, good condition.
129056 KONICA IC-416 FIERY Meter Unknown Fits Konica C658/C558/C458/C368
130191 TOSHIBA CTX100* Meter Unknown Toshiba Strata CTX100 IP Phone System 3 phones
131192 CANON IRAC250IF 339115 df, 1 cass, print/scan/fax, good copy, fair condition, b- 262050, c- 77065 Hdd yes small scratches
131532 NEOPOST IS440* Meter Unknown powers up, good condition scale included
132167 KONICA PRO1051* 3415004 df, 2 cass, print/scan/FS-521, good copies & condition,
132176 RICOH M19 FAX KIT Meter Unknown fax kit for MPC2004/2504/3004/3504
132177 RICOH M20 FAX KIT Meter Unknown fax kit for MPC4504/6004
132577 RICOH M12 FAX KIT Meter Unknown fax kit fits MP 2554/3054/3554/4054/5054/6054
132784 KONICA IC-307 CREO Meter Unknown brand new in box, powers on excellent condition, hdd yes, works with C8000/C7000/C6000.
132797 KONICA IC-309M CREO Meter Unknown powers on goood condition, hdd yes, working no cable. Works with C1060/C1070
133153 KONICA FK-514 FAX Meter Unknown s/n A883011 fax kit works with C258/C308/C368
133206 XEROX WC7225* Meter Unknown ################
133410 RICOH MPC305SPF* 97130 df, 2 cass, print/ scan/ fax/ postscript/ good copies and condition, b- 86248, c- 10881.

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