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SKU Manufacturer Model Meter Accessories Request
131405 OKIDATA MC363DN 57314 df, 1 cass, print/scan/fax/postscript, good copies & condition, hdd no, b: 54423, c: 2891.
131504 SAMSUNG X4300LX* 344164 df, 2 cass, print/scan, internal finisher, no copy, good condition HDD yes, magenta toner issues
131506 CANON IRAC250IF* 69304 df, 2 cass, print/scan/fax, fair copies & condition
131532 NEOPOST IS440* Meter Unknown powers up, good condition scale included
131767 MITA 300I 66442 df, 4 vcass, print/scan, good copies, fair condition, hdd yes. Plastic fading, scratches on machine
132030 SAMSUNG M4580FX* 112470 df, 2 cass, print/scan/fax, good copies & condition
132053 KONICA 4050* 154021 df, 1 cass, print/scan/fax, good copy, fair condition
132077 MITA 300I 25400 df, 4 cass, print/scan, no copies, good condition, hdd no.
132078 PANASONIC DP8020 148701 df, 2 cass, print/scan, good copies & condition, hdd no..
132162 KONICA E100-02* Meter Unknown Fits C6000/7000
132163 RICOH E-42B* Meter Unknown
132164 RICOH E-42B* Meter Unknown
132165 KONICA MIC-4150* Meter Unknown Fits pro 1052/1250
132167 KONICA PRO1051* 3415004 df, 2 cass, print/scan/FS-521, good copies & condition,
132175 KONICA MIC-4150* Meter Unknown Fits Konica Pro 1052/1250
132176 RICOH M19 FAX KIT Meter Unknown fax kit for MPC2004/2504/3004/3504
132177 RICOH M20 FAX KIT Meter Unknown fax kit for MPC4504/6004
132222 KONICA PB503 BINDER Meter Unknown Fits Konica Pro 1052/1250
132293 CANON F275600 PUNCH Meter Unknown Fits Canon IRAC 5255
132577 RICOH M12 FAX KIT Meter Unknown fax kit fits MP 2554/3054/3554/4054/5054/6054

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