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SKU Manufacturer Model Meter Accessories Request
117444 MITA 300I 239582 df, 4 cass, print/scan, no copies, good condition, hdd no.
117914 RICOH MPC3003 PARTS Meter Unknown df, 4 cass, print/scan/fax, internal finisher, nocopies, por condition, hdd yes. Error code SC742 - 79, dent back panel, broken back panel, Broken screen
118451 CANON L1 FINISHER Meter Unknown
118455 CANON C1 LCT Meter Unknown
118456 CANON LITE A1 LCT Meter Unknown
118891 KONICA EF101 FUSING Meter Unknown untested, good condition.
118892 KONICA C8000 SCREEN Meter Unknown
119186 RICOH SP5200DN 145148 2 cass, print, no copies, good condition, hdd no. No copies b/c none of the cassettes pull paper
119271 RICOH E41A* Meter Unknown
119272 RICOH E8100* Meter Unknown
119273 RICOH E8100* Meter Unknown
119334 CANON IRAC250IF* 136712 df, 2 cass, print/scan/fax, good copy, fair condition, b- 111622, c- 25090
120191 CANON IR1025IF 185100 df, 2 cass, print/scan, good copies & condition, hdd yes
120192 CANON IR1025IF 139076 df, 1 cass, print, good copies, fair condition, hdd no.
120193 CANON IR1025IF 465679 df, 1 cass, print, good copies & condition, hdd no.
120568 KONICA C554E PARTS Meter Unknown parts machine
122309 MITA 300I 27058 df, 4 cass, print/scan, good copies & condition, hdd yes.
123239 KONICA 4050* 176135 df, 1 cass, print/scan/fax, good copies & condition
123240 KONICA 4050* 184721 df, 1 cass, print/scan/fax, no copy, fair condition

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